The 40th Annual Feast of the Haggis

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club

Cocktails- 6:30pm

Haggis Ceremony – 7:30pm

Dinner, Dancing follows to 11:00pm

Once again, we are excited to share with you our upcoming 40th Annual Feast of the Haggis! The seating capacity for this year’s Feast is limited to 190 guests (19 tables of 10 each). In order to distribute these seats fairly, your Board of Stewards has issued the following guidelines to help you plan. We urge you to read them carefully.

First, preferential seating will be given to paid-up members and spouse/date of the Society whose fully paid reservations are received on or before Friday, November 18, 2016.

The cost this year will be $120.00 per person for a member & 1 spouse or guest.   Additional Guests / non-members will be $160.00 per person. Reservations for guests will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis, as determined by the postmark on the reservation returned by the host member. No more than eight (8) guests may be proposed per member. As soon as possible after the November 21st cutoff date, all members who have requested reservations for guests, will be notified by telephone or       email if there is not sufficient seating for their guests. Payments for guests that cannot be seated will be returned promptly. In order to help us facilitate this effort please send the reservation form as requested below.

On the MEMBER ATTENDING form, please include the member’s name and the name of the spouse/date or other one person accompanying the member. Also enter the name of any member at whose table you would like to be seated. We will make every effort to seat you with your friends. Do not forget to include the check(s).

On the GUEST ATTENDING portion of the Member Attending form, enter the names of those persons whom you would like to invite as guests. The cost for guests is $160.00 each. You must include a separate check for your guests. Please print all names clearly, and please also include a telephone number where you may be reached and hopefully an email address.


  • All checks must be from a member. Guests may not make their own payments.

  • Company checks may be accepted, but the member’s name must be clearly printed on the front of the check.

The Board of Stewards sincerely hopes that you will be able to attend. We have a spectacular event planned with the “Address to the Haggis”, all the toasts, the Tampa Bay Pipes & Drums Band performances, a photographer taking portrait pictures of attendees, a 4-course dinner, 2 drink tickets each, a bottle of Single Malt Whisky on each table for toasting, dancing to the sounds of The Ocean Road Orchestra, valet parking and all the beauty of the Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club. There will also be a professional videographer this year.

This is a formal event and FORMAL ATTIRE IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. The dress code for gentlemen is: Black Tie/Tuxedo, Military Formal Mess Dress Uniform, or Highland Dress and will be strictly enforced. Ladies are expected to dress for a formal event in a way that complements the evening. Persons not dressed in formal attire will be denied admission without any refund.

If you have questions please email Campbell McLean, our President, at

Please return your reservations and check(s) to the following address:

St. Andrew’s Society of Tampa Bay

P.O. Box 663

Tampa, FL 33601-0663