St Andrews Pipes & Drums of Tampa Bay


Kilts & Tartans

We occasionally get requests, especially from new members, for information about what to wear for highland dress and how to wear it.

The best information is FREE.  This Book “kilts & tartan made easy, Nicholas J. Feddes”.  This 58 page book has everything you could ever want to know about those subjects. You can read it online or print it out.

Nicholas Fiddes is the Governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority so is a recognized authority in the field. One thing to remember is that this book is written for men and men’s dress is the subject.

In answer to several queries from the ladies we are publishing the instructions for making the Sash Rosette. These instructions come from the St. Andrew’s Society of Tallahassee.

If you have any problem following these instructions just bring your sash to the next event and ask one of the ladies there and they will be pleased to show you.